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Most business owners dread dealing with their business energy when the contract expires, there are so many suppliers each with dozens of tariffs, how can you be sure you are getting a good deal?

At Connect U we have worked in the business energy market for well over 20 years and have a vast knowledge of the suppliers and prices.

We have a relationship with over 30 different suppliers to ensure we are always checking the whole market and getting you the best deal and service.

Secure pricing

We can secure pricing up to 1 year before your contract expires, as prices only generally ever go up this usually means a better price than leaving it until the expiry.


If you have had a renewal offer from your existing supplier we can always get you a lower price from that same supplier, just send us the renewal offer and we will get you a reduced offer using our contacts in each supplier.

New Meters

If you have just taken on a new commercial property or are looking to install a gas or electricity meter for any reason, we can help.

We can usually get the meter installed with no cost to you. We can arrange a site survey to check existing supplies and capacity, while you get on with running your business.

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