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landlines & broadband

Virtually every business needs a reliable and fast Broadband service.

We work with a number of Broadband suppliers including BT and can ensure your business is getting the very best speed available at the most competitive price.

We can arrange new line installs for new businesses or additional lines for expanding business. Most installs we arrange are FREE.

Lease Lines

Many places in the UK are not able to receive the best Broadband speeds as there is not sufficient network capacity or they are too far from an exchange.

We work with BT and other providers to arrange a line install directly to your property. The cost of this has come down in recent years and is now often cost-effective for a business needing a fast connection.

We will give you a fully detailed quotation for your approval before any works commence.

voip systems

Using VOIP ( Voice over IP) for your business calls offers a lot of increased benefits and features and costs much less than traditional landline calls.

We work with a number of VOIP and Cloud Telecoms companies and will help your business get the best package to suit your needs.

We remove all of the Jargon and make sure you understand what features are available and which ones will help your business communicate efficiently.

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